KRUNA is a bold, new imagination of the home safe that brings together exquisite aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology, and astute craftsmanship, into an exceptional experience. With a century-old legacy of safe-making, we are raising the bar for those who demand distinction beyond excellence.

  • Plush Touch : The rich velvety interiors protect your valuables from the minutest of scratches. This is achieved by Flocking, an industry first surface feature that is 100% rip proof.
  • Metal Accents : Unaffected by chemicals or temperature variations, our special coating greatly enhances the lifespan and durability of the metal components of this finish.
  • I-Warn : Astute craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art technology, the NORA is engineered to send you an SMS alert if tampered with.
  • Intelli-Sense : Our masterpiece safe is equipped with a motion-detecting camera that transmits a pre-determined area's live feed to your mobile.
  • High Performance Paint : The NORA safe is resplendent with high gloss paint of the kind used on luxury cars.
  • Exquisite : The pleasurable design of the NORA safe raises the bar on styling and is as exquisitely and meticulously wrought as a hand crafted jewel.
  • Knock Lock : The Knock Lock is a revolutionary locking unit based on patented Knock Code technology. This makes NORA even more enigmatic and exclusive. It does not feature any visible access point, instead an embedded sensor deciphers the mechanical pulses sent by the Knock Key.
    Height x Width x Depth
    Height x Width x Depth
    Weight (kgs) Volume (ltrs)
    32” X 22” X 25”
    810mm x 555mm x 640mm
    23” X 17” X 13”
    585mm x 420mm x 335mm
    350 75
    • All weights and sizes are approximate. Tolerance - Weight 10%, Dimensions 5% *The external dimensions include the bottom legs and handle.
      HxWxD (mm): 810 x 555 x 640


Designed by more than a century of skilful experience, Godrej Sofisti is an elegant new range of safes. Boasting of finely tooled leather clad exteriors and a gold-plated keyhole cover; the sofisti is aa rich in features as it is plush. Going beyond mere looks, the sofisti’s classic styling belies an underlying toughness that is engineered to thwart break-in attempts.

  • Exquisite Finish : Clad in exquisite anti-fungal leather, Sofisti makes a striking statement .
  • Glass Shelves : Ingeniously crafted adjustable glass shelves offer chic convenience .
  • Armoured Plate : Enhanced Protection to vital parts of tha safes .
  • Gold Plated Parts : The beauty lies in the details with the gold-plated keyhole cover and ornate handle adding an aristocratic touch .
  • Drill Defeat Shield* : Reinforces the locks and offers superior resistance against tampering .
  • Automatic Relocking Device* : Sets the safe into a deadlock mode in case in an attack .
  • Double Walled Construction* : Sets the safe into a deadlock mode in case in an attack .
  • Motion Sensor Intellilight : See what's within, even in low-light condition .
*Only available on Sofisti P3 and P2
External Internal Volume Weight Lock Bolt ( Live + Dead) Shelves
Model H W D h w d
Sofisti P3 735(mm) 532(mm) 598(mm) 635(mm) 432(mm) 407(mm) 115 215 3+3 2
29(mm) 21(mm) 24(mm) 25(mm) 17(mm) 16(mm)
Sofisti P2 608(mm) 430(mm) 471(mm) 508(mm) 330(mm) 280(mm) 49 140 3+3 2
24(mm) 17(mm) 19(mm) 20(mm) 13(mm) 11(mm)

All weights and sizes are approximate. Tolerances - Weight ± 10%, Dimensions ± 5%
#Outside depth is without handle projection.